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Food Journals: The Different Types & Why They Aren’t Created Equally

If you’ve ever logged your daily food intake in a diary, you probably had a strong reaction. At best, you cursed how much time it took out of your day and ...

Kiara Tchir, RHN - Director of Education

February 17, 2020

How finding balance in your life will improve your relationship with food

Tony Robbins said it best: “Where focus goes, energy flows.” Holistic wellness is based on the principle that an energetic life force exists in all things ...

Kiara Tchir, RHN - Director of Education

February 04, 2020

Improving negative experiences with food and your body

Our mission at Savor is to help you create a better relationship with food by connecting more mindfully to yourself and to what’s on your plate.  Mindfuln...

Kiara Tchir, RHN - Director of Education

December 17, 2019

Rigid Thinking - How to rebuild trust with your body and mind

Do you engage in rigid thinking? Here are some examples. “It’s 11am, I shouldn’t be hungry yet.” “This isn’t a proper meal – there’s no protein.” “If I do...

Kiara Tchir

November 30, 2019

Orthorexia – When clean eating goes too far

The pursuit of “clean eating” in the name of health is often respected in mainstream culture, and we tend to regard those fiercely committed to their healt...

Kiara Tchir

September 18, 2019

Dieting is a failing weight-loss strategy

The truth about dieting and weight loss The idea that dieting is the solution to weight management, and that weight management is essential to health, is w...

Kiara Tchir

September 05, 2019

Create a better relationship with food using Savor

Your relationship with food is as unique as you are. If that’s not clear, just ask a room full of people, “What do you think about cilantro?” On a deeper l...

Kiara Tchir

June 27, 2019

Your Core Beliefs

How your core beliefs shape your relationship with food Is there any question harder to answer than the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself”? Trying to encomp...

Kiara Tchir

June 01, 2019